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Why Choose Norman Gentry Consulting?

Who are you?

An organisation specialising in the food manufacturing, hospitality and leisure industries.  Founded to assist clients with food and health and safety issues and improve profitability.

What do you do?

While the uniqueness of each client dictates the exact services needed, typically our services might include:

Why Retain Norman Gentry Consulting?

1. Expertise

  • We are not trying to be all things to all people.
  • We offer a specialised service serving the Food, hospitality and leisure industries.
  • We are experienced in design and delivery of customised and certified training programmes.

2. Efficiency

  • Because we are specialised, we have files and tools that allow us to perform an assignment better, faster and cheaper than clients on their own.
  • We can interrogate information databases. This offers two benefits: it decreases the amount of time we need to spend on site and it makes our results more focused.

3. Concentration

  • Because we can concentrate on accomplishing a critical assignment quickly, our clients are freed to operate their on going business.

4. Anonymity

  • Because we are an independent firm, we need not, within normal legal and ethical bounds, reveal the identity or purpose of our clients. We will also not reveal critical information without prior approval.

5. Objectivity

  • We bring a fresh viewpoint, unencumbered by hierarchical pressure or bias.
  • If we cannot help we will say so and refer you to other sources.

Who are your clients?

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