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Customised Training Courses

Every organisation is situation is unique

Which is why in addition to our open courses, we offer customised training programmes.

The training can be in your own premises, and the subject matter is specific to what your staff actually do at work. People learn more effectively when they can relate what they are learning to what they do in practice.

We promote active learning wherever possible. This gives them the level of understanding to relate what they have learnt to everyday working life, and help to give them the confidence to use their newly learnt skills when they have finished the course.

We can provide customised courses in all aspects of food safety and hygiene, from basic to advanced levels. We offer flexible modules that allow you to select the options that are most applicable to your business.

The duration may vary from "toolbox talks" to several days, depending upon the syllabus and your own requirements.

Customised does not necessarily mean "Expensive", and if you need something that is tailored specifically to meet your needs, give us a call or complete the enquiry form..

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